About Heartscope


Artists listening, creating art that feeds.

Creating theatre in the heart of the digital age provides for us the practitioners, a unique gambit of challenges.

We now belong to an age where information, media, and entertainment is one tap away. There is a screen in every pocket and communications, while being expanded globally, has been reduced to a standard of 150 characters.  

Heartscope exists to reach beyond what the digital age can provide. 

“…For a long time the theater arts have been separated from the stomach. Theater was entertainment. Entertainment was meant for the skin. Bread was meant for the stomach. The old rites of baking, eating and offering bread were forgotten. The bread became mush…
…We want you to understand that theater is not yet an established form, not the place of commerce you think it is, where you pay to get something. Theater is different. It is more like bread, more like a necessity.”                                        

                                        -Peter Schumann

At our core...

It is impossible to live without sustenance, With Heartscope, our outlook and vocabulary reflects this sentiment. compelling stories consumed as protein, perspective are our vitamins. Laughter and tears intwined with human connections, these are all enriched probiotic medicinally infused ingredients, essential to the human experience. 

It is our hope to combine these nourishing elements and create art meant for the stomach  with a direct line to the soul.